I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

You and Me

There are moments with you that are unforgettable.

Times that only I understand. That if I told you, you would understand too.

But I don’t tell you because those moments are my own treasure. They live in a small part of my self and if I discussed them with you or anybody, they would be analyzed and you and I were not to be analyzed.

You and I are not to be studied or understood because you and I are poetry and magic. Tradition and discovery. Imagination and reality. Indomitable impetus of unusual and unique nature.

Those moments may not make sense to anyone and there is no need for them to make sense. Like everything that you and I are, like everything that surround us, those moments I remember, like you and me, have no reason and no logic.

They are you and me.

We don't need to be more.