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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running the Classic

Some races feel better than others. I love running but I dislike racing. I can honestly say that I have raced very few races were I felt really good; the Duchess Half 2007 was one of them. It felt good from beginning to end. Most of them suck at some point. It hurts beyond belief and we just wish we were not there and we question why we even thought we would enjoy racing.

Today’s race felt remarkably good. I must quantify that statement. I did not race. I dislike racing as I said before and to be honest, I always find a reason ahead of time to justify not running well. So today was no exception. Last minute decision, my friend was running and we decided to run together. Run not race.

Many times the intention at the start is such but once we warm up one of the two pushes the pace and the running turns into racing. Not this time.

It was 6 miles of enjoyable conversation in some incredible muggy conditions so I was even happier I chose not to race because I doubt I would have run any faster but I would have enjoyed it less or not at all. It was relaxed, enjoyable. We had time to catch up, laugh and crack a few jokes. We kept a steady pace (something I can never do on my own). I had time to notice people cheering us, to thank volunteers, to harass friends and to spot a woman who, at my race gave us a hard time after being disqualified from the walkers category when she was seen running, and assured us she is unable to run. Well, guess she got better because I was behind her and she.was.RUNNING.

To make it even better I got to take a picture with a good friend from my former job who after being a good smoker is now a runner. I'm so proud of her!

The race itself was great. I was impressed. Well organized registration, well staffed water tables, photographer on the course, and really good food at the finish. The price is a little steep. Being a race director of two long distance races which demand additional expenses such as Gatorade and gels, I don’t understand why shorter distance races are so expensive but it does not stop the high number of runners from registering and that is a good thing.

All in all it was a good running day. Next year I will probably run it again. I’ll find another excuse not to race such as “I’m nurturing a broken toe” or something like that.

To all the organizers, good job!