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Friday, June 04, 2010

Soft Landing

I used to run with this friend often but in the last 3 years we took a hiatus. This was resumed when he asked me to join him on a two hour trail run. I showed up, ready and eager…and tired. A late night, a few drinks, and much enthusiasm.

We started on a slight incline and not much more past the first mile I took a nice tumble. I like to call it a soft landing but it was more than that. I went flat on my stomach, knees all scraped and bleeding profusely and a lot of pain on my hip which resulted in a gross purple bruise plus dust on my left shoulder. I got up after cursing a few times, brushed off and kept going. Couldn’t call it quits 15 minutes into it. After all we haven’t run together in 3 years.

It was challenging, lots of long hills. Many nice long down hills to recover. The views were no less than breathtaking. Quiet. Peaceful.

My friend knows this trail so well he can probably run it with his eyes closed. "This hill will be 15 minutes" (I really wanted to hear that). "It will take us another 25 minutes to flat land" (I really enjoyed that one). He pointed out a hotel that looked like a fiction movie where people wake up in a paradise land. We took a narrow path along the lake; we went up the highpoint to take a good look at the magnificent view. We rested (because I was tired and a little dehydrated), we refilled our water and we talked.

I must admit I reluctantly walked much of the last 2 miles. The humidity more than the other variables of the night before did me in. I was drenched.

I finished the run in 2 hours 14 minutes feeling tired but grateful. Grateful to be able to run it and grateful to have reconnected my friend.

It was a great experience I am ready to repeat again