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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Solstice 15K (but really 14K)

What better way to spend a 93 degree day than running a 14K trail run where the first 3.5 miles are an absurd hill?

It was about 200 of us, you can say misery loves company.

To start, I drove for 15 miles behind an SUV that drove so slowly she was below the speed limit on the warning signs. And of course, when I got disgusted beyond control I annoyed the crap out of her by flashing my beams every few minutes. And of course, she was going to the same place and of course, she parked right next to me….She probably beat me just to get even.

Everyone beat me.

One of the worst parts of the race was standing in extreme close proximity to all runners while the Race Director gave directions. Boy, we smell in groups phew!

Two people offered to run with me, Emmy I never even saw once the race started and Joe with whom I ran Celebrate Life training runs offered to run with me “slowly because it’s too hot to go fast” if that is his slow…He took off like a bat out of hell and finished 6 minutes ahead of me.
I took my phone/camera with me. Stopping to take pictures is a really good reason to justify running slow. But there was no lying out it, I was running sloooowly and there was no way I could find any more energy to run one second faster.

Tammy was ahead of me the whole way. Sometimes further than others.

These were ahead of me the whole way.

These ones were around me for a fraction of a second and then passed me like a breeze.

These ones were behind me but eventually passed me.

This is the water stop at the top of the 3.5 mile hill. By the time I got there, the water was like soup. Is it me or should they have had another water stop? There were only two for 8.4 miles. Pardon me race director but no frills should not refer to no water on the course. It is after all $15 with no shirt, no medals (not that in a million years I would have gotten one). I attempted to run with a bottle. Joe offered to carry it and when he took off like a bat out of hell, the bottle fell off his carrier. So...maybe that delayed me the additional 4 minutes it took me this year to run the course...
The sick part of this is that I can't wait to do it again.