I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I felt I had to skip running yesterday. A temperature of 103 degrees was more than I wanted to put myself through. I thought about going to the gym but after a relaxing glass of chardonnay…I didn’t want to. Sometimes taking a day off from what we love can be healthy to both of us.
Today, I looked outside my window, checked the forecast, saw people wiping the sweat off their foreheads and delayed going for my run. It is so easy to skip it, so easy to blow it off, so easy to get used to not doing it.

I finally dressed in combat gear – that is what it felt I was doing, getting ready for war. I started my run. I normally walk a bit to warm up but – heck, no need to warm up, I was hot already so I started running. A few yards I stopped, turned around, my mind already making many concessions; “I can run later”, “I don’t need to run today either, two days off is not bad”. And more, “it’s not good for me, I’ll have a heat stroke, I’ll die”. And even more “I hate it”, “I never liked it”, “why do I even bother?”

And I went back to my office but as I was opening the door, I closed it back and continued. Yeah, it’s not gonna be pleasant but…does it always have to be?

Running is my passion, my companion. What gets me out of the moments when I need to be rescued. It is not always the best but it is always there, ready. No questions, just there when I call. Why turn my back on it when it’s so easy never to turn back? Can’t take that chance.

I cut it short by a mile, I admit, but I was there, looking for shade when possible, lowering my face when the sun hit too hard and not giving up because it’s too easy to give up.

It is so hard to come back.

If I never leave, I’ll never have to come back. But sometimes, it’s hard to stay. Today was hard.

But I stayed.