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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning Up

Sad that we must dispose of things that we loved to clean storage and open room for new things.

Sad that some of them were not kept with the care they deserved and they stopped working due to our negligence.

Frustrating that we were unable to repair them, fix them, make them usable again and get back from them the joy they gave us when we first got them. When we invested in them.

Sad that we cannot keep them always and use them the way that they were when we got them.

Sad that at times we forget we have them and we only remember their value when we trip over a box of memories or when someone mentions one of their possession and we remember then “Aghhh! I had one of those”. Some of them so fragile yet so resilient, some so different, so unique. Sad too that while in the box we forget the reason why one day they were cherished.

Sad that we replace them with newer things that are not always better but do the job and make it easier to dispose of the storage that is no longer usable.

Sad that we are forced to get rid of them eventually. Good that we had them once.