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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cross Fit

I heard my friend talk about this Cross Fit thing but I was not very interested. I am not good at organized exercise, the ones where everybody does the same at the same time. Aerobics and things of that nature “…and one and two…tap toe, and three and four squat …and five again” That is not for me mainly because I am so uncoordinated it is pathetic. Guess that tells you why I love to run, the sport of the clumsy. But after whining about not feeling strong and being plagued with all these injuries lately, I agreed to give it a try and committed to a few weeks of it.  After all, if my friend who runs a marathon in three hours thinks it's good, I should listen.
Cross fit, according to Wikipedia, is a strength and conditioning fitness methodology that promotes broad and general overall physical fitness. Before going to my first meeting I ran, of course, because let’s face it, we never think anything can give us as much as running.
I showed up, warmed up with another two easy miles and positioned myself to listen to the trainer, an athlete I respect greatly.
She gave us a set of instructions and the clock was on, squat, sprint, jump over hurdles (very small mind you), sprint again, run over tires, sprint again, bear walk, squat, sprint again, launches. Repeat.

One minute rest YAY then jump rope for a minute, drop rope, run sideways touch ground , jump rope for another minute, lay rope on ground jump zigzag up and down for yet another minute, jump rope one more minute, drop rope jump zigzag on one leg…I don’t know how many minutes added up.

This was followed by a million squats with a kettlebell. I glanced at my watch through my sweat steamed glasses and noticed 20 minutes had passed. Aghhhh I had gotten to almost the first half hour. It was hard but I knew I could continue. Then I heard “OK, you are done with the warm up”
The wa…wa….wa…warm up?????

Yes, now we’ll start the work out.

I looked at the streak of sweat running down my legs and walked over to the partner we were instructed to have. I jumped small hurdles for 30 seconds while she did kettlebell squats. Then we switched, no pause, then we switched again, no pause, then we switched again….

My last squat was more a prayer when the kettlebell hit the ground and I was unable to bring it back up. When done my shirt was stuck to my body.

We were told to get a drink and get ready for a game. Ahhhh finally we are done with the hard stuff.

The game began. A lot of fun, Cruela Deville promised. The 21 game. 20 Sumo Squats with a kettlebell and then sprint to the other side for one push up. Then back to the original spot, 19 Sumo squats and 2 pushups. The sum of the two should equal 21 for a total of 20 minutes – Oh hell, make it 21 so they equal! In between, every 90 seconds Cruela played the horn and we “plank, stand and jump” three times and then resumed the exercise.

My sprint from one side to the other was now a walk. Cruela’s voice continued the countdown; “only 7 more minutes to go". Each time I started one set I realized my mind had left me before my body, I couldn’t add anymore; 13 plus what? Maybe it is 12. It did not matter anymore. I was shot.

Finally we were done. I tried to wipe my glasses in my shorts but they were drenched as well. We had a drink and were given a mat to lie on. Now we are talking!!! Rest has come to all who wait.

Did I say rest? The pain mistress returned. Abs and abs and more abs. Raise your legs 15 inches over the ground and hold, hold, hold. My legs were shaking, my abdomen was numb, the veins in my neck were pumped and my ears were ringing.

“We are done”, I heard angels singing.

And in the same breath Cruela added “Next time we’ll increase the intensity a little more”.

I put one hand on the ground and lifted myself up. She looked at me and asked “what did you think?” with no hesitation and in all honesty I said “I love it, can’t wait to do it again”.

"I knew that", she said with a smile.