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Friday, July 02, 2010

Reincarnation and Synchronicities

I have never bought the theory of one person living many lives and not remembering the previous ones. I easily dismiss déjà jus and things of that nature with logic. I rationalize that memory stores everything and a feeling of déjà vu can be a buried memory of an old movie watched when we were kids, a story we heard, a picture we saw. The idea of memories held in the subconscious makes sense, reincarnation does not.

Why would our souls be recycled anyway and with what purpose?

Never believed it but…

One person I met made me doubt my conviction that there is only one life per soul, no second chances.

We became quick friends. There seemed to be a unusual connection from the beginning. There were many coincidences shared that went beyond chance. Same taste in music, books, humor. We wore a very similar ring. Had the same unusual phone book. There were times when I would be looking at a bottle of wine (what else!) and later on, she would show up with it. There were small coincidences like not finding a shoe I liked in my size and then seeing her wearing the same. We completed each other’s sentence. Sent cards to each other on the same exact day.
Many times I would walk into a restaurant at odd hours of the day to find her sitting there.
She never questioned the coincidences she referred to as synchronicities and would always say “I’m not one bit surprised”.

She was convinced our souls had met in another life, many lives.

It became more interesting. One time our plans to get together were cancelled due to her having to go somewhere “far”. At the same time I was assigned last minute to go to a city 2 hours away. Our jobs were not related to one another in any way. When I got to my destination, while getting lost, I ended up at a traffic light, there she was.

What sealed the weirdness was the time when one texted and one emailed “I have something for you”. When we met at a restaurant we each handed the other a small package…a wooden rosary. Who on this Earth gives a friend a rosary and who gives each other a similar rosary at the same time?

There were many other strange occurrences that are too bizarre to even put in writing. Although for a long time my interest was in finding out as much as I could about synchronicities and serendipity, I never understood what happened between us. I knew that great figures like Carl Jung devoted a great deal of time to synchronicities, but I didn’t find anything that quite explained why so many things coincided so often.

In spite of our unusual connection, we did not remain friends very long. Eventually, we drifted apart and our synchronicities ceased.

Meeting that friend and having the very strange connection really made me questioned if indeed we had not known each other in another life, we seemed to know each other well in this life. But if that is the case, what was the point in connecting in so many lives if nothing came out of it? In her theory, our souls were sent to fix in another life what went wrong in a past life. I guess we never fixed it. Does that mean we will keep meeting? And if we will, then we won’t know because we won’t have any recollection of the prior life.

It still seems very strange and unreal but also very interesting. I remain incredulous but I remain wondering what force pulled us together to have so many synchronicities.