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Monday, July 26, 2010

Unnecessary hurt is simply unnecessary.

The slamming of the door should be enough, the “I never loved you” is

Most of what is said after a break up is better left unsaid. In saying more somebody
is going to get hurt and there is no need for it. There is never an excuse
or a reason for one person to harm another regardless of the circumstances
and if love has been involved, then there is no reason at all.

Whether a new love is better than the former, what is the satisfaction in
making that known to the past one?

But if you walked away from it because it was no longer good or it never
was, then let it rest in peace, do not revive it with low punches that
humiliate and take away from the relationship. To fan a new love in the
face of a former is degrading to the relationship and hurtful to a person
who does not need to be hurt again. Losing their love might have been
enough punishment.

Respect the relationship even if you don’t respect the person. The rest