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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Cares?

I have referred often to my 14 years at a company where I made long lasting relationships and all sorts of on the job friendships. I got along with almost everyone.
The “almost” in the 750-employee organization were two women; one of them started only a couple of years after I. Our roles were somewhat related and we interacted briefly.
It was obvious she did not like me. There was no apparent reason that would account for her animosity other than she didn’t click with me, no chemistry. My humor and silliness, which normally worked, did not produce any favorable effect.

Our job functions changed many times over the years but her demeanor didn’t. Other than the occasional jokes with my friends teasing me “you are not her favorite person” it didn’t bother either one of us.

Years after having left the company I received an email from her. Her mother had attended a support group meeting and picked up a copy of a brochure. In it, she had seen my picture.

Her note was nice, friendly, long. I replied expecting it to be the end of it. But we kept in touch, lightly at first.

We never mentioned the time at work or the reasons for it if there were any reasons. It didn’t matter.

I sit in front of her writing this essay in my head while she drinks her Corona and laughs.

We are laughing. Whatever happened before or didn’t happen was before.

Who cares?