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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Eat, Don't Talk...please

It would be ludicrous of me to try to do a movie review same as a vegetarian rating a steak house. But I’ll do one…

My background so that the above statement makes sense is that I don’t like watching movies and I hardly ever go to one. I don’t watch TV either, yeah I’m weird. No traumatic childhood experiences that account for that part of my weirdness…I am just weird for no reason at all.

Once in a while comes a movie that calls my attention. And I am a sucker for “based on a true story”. When I hear those words I.Must.See that movie and I don’t care if I have to drag someone or see it alone. I.Must.See it. So was the case with Eat, Pray Love. Everywhere I went I saw signs for it. Buses decorated with the face of Julia Roberts, actually I should correct that, not her face, her mouth.

The movie certainly lived up to the first part of the title. The woman ate and ate and ate and to top it off, half the movie was spent watching this woman talk with her mouth full. Could she swallow and talk? Nooooo, she put another mouthful in before uttering a word.

In a nutshell, Liz Gilbert decides she wants to change her life because she is not happy. What else is new? I don’t see anything amazing there but I give her credit because she had the guts to do it but also and more importantly, the money. So she travelled for a year trying to “find herself” and find balance and in the process she ate and ate and talked with her mouth full.
And she prayed or tried to pray. Seems that she had a hard time praying and better luck with the fortune teller. And yes, she fell in love at the end, ok happy ending.

Boring, failed to drive the point home. Maybe all the close ups of the woman eating failed to deliver the message that her search for self awareness implied.

I’d agree with one of the many critics who disliked this annoying move, c “Eat if you can stomach popcorn after watching all the close ups of her eating, pray that it ends soon.”
I was more upset not because of the entry fee I wasted but because of the time robbed from eating praying…drinking.