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Friday, September 17, 2010

Forever Sharp

I fell for it. Me, the one who dislikes shopping and runs away from any offer that involves the purchase of an item, fell for it.

My stupidity was justified…ok, fine – it was plain stupidity.

I was in a large supermarket well known for its low prices and good quality when I heard an announcement made for a free knife. I am all for free stuff. In order to get this high quality free knife (ended up being a packet little thing), you must stay for the demonstration. The demonstrator repeats that the knife is new, so new, it is not in the market yet therefore you are in for a huge savings and BE VERY careful, these knives are sooo sharp and you will never have to sharpen them again. And, if anything goes wrong, there is a lifetime warranty, you can't lose..or can you?

Even though they are so brand new the demonstrator asked the audience if anyone had owned a knife like this. Of course, somebody in the audience \raises their hand and claims to have one for 20 years and it is as sharp as the day papa brought it home.

“People be very careful, the blade is made of the same metal used for surgical knives so you can really hurt yourself”

So now she cuts the board and then a tomato and damn, I fell for it!

“Buy one and we give you this. But why buy one when your family members and friends deserve to share in the wonders of this knife! Buy two and we give you three”. My mind was already planning the gifts I was crossing off my list. And so I did, I bought 3.

I used it at home. Not bad, it cut. I didn’t try the board but did cut some chicken, it was a little hard...maybe I didn't know how to use surgical instruments. I washed it, left it there to dry and when I came back...rust, yes rust!!!

There was no website to request my lifetime warranty. The free pocket knight did nothing at all. One thing is true, the knives will never sbe harpen. The blade is rugged so nothing sharpens that.

A total rip off.

From now on, I will stick with the free wine tastings. I never go wrong there.