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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An update on my Life

It has happened. It has happened and I am the one who precipitated this auspicious occasion.

  • My daughter is officially a licensed driver.

And with that comes my fear and that of everybody else's, afterall, I taught her how to drive...

When she drives to the supermarket I hug her as if I were putting her on a plane to Australia with a one way ticket.

She is good, though. She calls me without my request as soon as she gets to her destination. I haven’t asked her to, she does it because frankly she must be aware of that insane look in my face as she drives out of my sight.

She doesn’t drink; doesn’t believe in texting while driving; stays within the speed limit which is a novelty to me. But I still worry even if she might be a safer driver than I am (that is not much to say).

So no more come home soon so she can go to XYZ and somehow I miss that…my little one is growing up…hopefully not apart.