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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Be Like A Cat

I am the happy owner of a cute puppy and as adorable as he is, I remain partial to the cat’s personality.

Although cats don’t always seem to be interested in the closeness that is so evident in puppies, I admire their independence. A cat does their business without having to be walked or told to “go”. They do it when they feel like it weather we agree with it or not. I don’t see my cat standing by the door wagging its tail happy because I am home. Whether it matters that I am home, she does not let me know and when she feels like cuddling, she does just that, on her terms.

You have to earn a cat’s love and respect. Dogs don’t seem to know that. I see my puppy following the older and bigger dog. And even after the older one has beaten the living lights out of him, he remains playfully trying to get his attention. You don’t see a cat playing with anyone who mistreats her.

That’s what bothers me about dogs. They don’t seem to have a sense of dignity and they confuse loyalty with self respect. They should be more like cats, demand that their animal kingdom playmates as well as humans treat them right before they give their love.