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Monday, October 18, 2010

Un Clavo Saca Otro Clavo

O se quedan los dos adentro. Another one of my Grandmother’s and Aunt’s favorite sayings which literal translation is remove one nail with another nail or get the two stuck.

The meaning of the quote is “Get over a love by falling in love with another one”.

As obedient as I am, here it is my new love:

Not in any way can he or any other replace my Porkchop but he makes me smile when I see him and he is all mine…

A coworker used to say “There are no ugly puppies”. The ugliness comes later. The early morning walks, the surprises found every so often, the incessant biting with those tiny little teeth, and the decorative marks he leaves on things he grabs in his leisure moments like wires and my glasses. Good thing I stopped wearing glasses a while ago but a spare at home was good…..

In spite of those maladies just like people proudly show pictures on their phones (no one uses wallet pictures anymore, what a shame) of their kids and significant others, I do the same. I even have a video of him running to me. Aghhhh, he loves me.