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Sunday, November 07, 2010


What a great marathon! I guess we can only say that when we have a good time. Appreciation is relative.

My second time doing NYC. Honestly, I was doing it only because I had already paid for it (they automatically charge your credit card when you are approved) and if I had been able to give somebody else my number I would have. Main reason, a ligament on my left leg has been inflamed.

I remember one thing from my first time, how early I had to wake up and all the stress associated with getting to the bus. This time, I had a full night sleep, woke up around the same time I normally do and boarded the bus 15 minutes from the house where I stayed.

When we lined up at Staten Island, my friend said “it’s like a bunch of cows going to get slaughtered and she was right, that is how I felt. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to finish or if the ligament was going to “blow up” at some point and cause more damage.

But I felt great…I ran 14 miles with my friend Joe, and separated after. I was doing all the corny things with other runners, singing to Michael Jackson “Billy Jean”, yelling under the under pass, saying silly but of course I thought they were witty things to others and even stopping to get some pictures taken.

I did have some issues with the left calf after mile 17 – a good looking volunteered massaged me, hey! I never saw my massage therapist friend on the sidelines, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

Anyway, awesome marathon. It’s funny, I ran Steamtown 4 weeks ago and struggled almost the whole way even though I was trained well. Here, in spite of all my fears, I achieved better than the goal I had set.

In a marathon, you are as good as the day.

New York City marathon is unique, and it is awesome.

P.S. I burned about 2600 calories...I thnk I consumed about 7,000