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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Not one to follow news closely, I remember the interview of Karla Faye Tucker with Larry King weeks before she was executed.

Her answer to one of his questions, can people change? was simple yet strong, “they can be redeemed”.

Her crime had been brutal. After a weekend of partying, drugs and alcohol, she brutally killed two people when she intended to steal a bike. In the interview she said she did not want to try to give a reason for her actions because doing so would be a justification and so much harm cannot be justified.

Her crime was hideous, impulsive. She was sorry and she was sentenced.

Tucker was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

My post is not about capital punishment nor commutation of sentences.

I digress.

Moving away from wicked crimes, most of us at some point have acted on a fit of emotions, illogical, irrational and even harmful. Doing and saying things we did not plan on doing and which we will later regret. Impulsive and dark emotions that tap on the darkest side of us, a side we were not aware we possessed.

The “shadow”, that area of our being Carl Jung talked about. The dark side we all own instinctive and irrational that can erupt at any time given the circumstances, a demonic dynamism as Jung referred to. Impulsive, not premeditated.

Premeditation takes effort, conscious planning to deliver an action that is intended to cause harm. It is not raw emotions, it is well thought out plan. The sought-out conscious pursuit of hurting another eludes me.

I believe like Tucker that people can be redeemed. I am not sure who would seek redemption first or at all, the impulsive crime or the planned act that intended to cause harm. The end result might be the same, the crime is different.