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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Gifts

· Remember it's not the big gift you buy, or the money you spend...that sometimes makes the biggest impact on someone. It's the time, energy, and love you put into it. The smallest gifts given, made, or actions done for others can be worth more than a lot of money spent on a material gift. It's how you make someone feel …

One of those things you get by email.

When my kids were little they always brought home something they made in class. I still have the flower pot my son brought home and the rock my daughter bought with points earned with good behavior.

It was the telephone, the two paper cups at each end of a string that made my Christmas morning better as I found out for the first time in my life that it really carries a voice! And the little potpourri my son wrapped in a lacy cloth that was supposed to “make your car smell better”. Yeah, the car of a runner doesn’t always smell good.

I have treasured those gifts throughout the years.

I get new ones now especially when they see my birthday approaching and they rush to the store to get me some “Healthy Living” self help book. I appreciate the thought. How can you not appreciate a gift no matter its quality when the intention is to celebrate you, but the ones that took time, hands moving and creating…those are the ones that capture me.

I treasure and defend them with my life!

Years ago, in a philosophy class, the teacher asked us to close our eyes and picture a fire. His voice calmly described the flames engulfing the house, everything I owned. I had a way to get out, he said. “Take something, only what you can carry in your hands and not a person because hopefully they are out too”. I thought of taking an album of pictures or a scrap book, something made for me. I would still take the same.

That exercise is supposed to show what our values are. I don't know what it showed me.

Sometimes, in my lonely moments I run my hand over something made for me. I might not open it, but the thought of something that once inspired someone to create it for me, makes me happy or less sad.

They made an impact on me when they were given. They still do.