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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hear, See, Read No Evil

Legend has it that the seductive voices of women lured travelers to their demise. In Greek mythology, the voices and melody of the sirens, these sea-nymphs enticed mariners and all who heard them to follow their voices and unavoidably crash their ships against the rocks.

The voices promised wisdom and knowledge but more than anything, the voices were seductive and the mariners forgot the advice and proceeded head on to their destruction.

It is not said what the Sirens wanted out of destroying the men who heard them nor a motive was ever mentioned in the legend my grandmother told.

More inconceivable is the fact that the mariners were aware of the danger found in following the seductive voices of the sea, yet they disregarded safety in pursuit of the promises made. Fantasy won over reality.

Ulysses escaped this fatal fate by stuffing wax in the sailors’ ears and having himself tied to the mast of the ship where he could hear the delicious voices but not follow them. The sailors were instructed not to untie him no matter what he said and because they were unable to hear the voices, they were immune to the seduction.

There is no reason why the Sirens sought destruction and if there is, it does not seem to be a critical part in the story. That the sailors knew of the danger and yet disregarded it is of interest. That Ulysses found a way to avoid destruction by not allowing his sailors to hear the enticing voices is commendable.

He knew not to listen to what would lead to destruction. Why be seduced by voices that will bring the ship to crash against the rocks?

There is no need to understand the motives behind luring a traveler to their demise. There is only the need to escape the negative outcome of an announced danger.
We'll always find a reason to believe if we listen long enough.