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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fuel Efficiency

Running on Saturday with a long distance runner, she shared why she did not enjoy short distances; “I had to work so hard at it to get to where I was, that with age I don’t want to have to do that anymore”. Her words resonated with me.

Never being a fast runner, I trained hard to get to a finish time I’d be happy with, and many times the effort outweigh the outcome.

I don’t want to work so hard to get something. Not anymore. I still want to train, but I am not willing to dedicate that effortto it.

Is it the wisdom of age or the laziness of it? Knowing your limits or not caring to push beyond?
It is not to say I am willing to settle for less. Instead that my priorities are better defined and my pursuit of happiness and peace does not allow wasting time on what is not feasible or brings me to a mediocre place tired and exhausted in the process.

I call it efficiency.

Before we cared about fuel efficiency, cars were made to do a number of things we didn’t need them to do in exchange for an exorbitant waste of gas. Now, we buy cars that conserve fuel and get us to the same place the thirsty monsters did. We know better.

That is how I see this newly found wisdom. I don’t want to work that hard for the same results. I’d rather work efficiently and get a more satisfying outcome, one that lets me enjoy the ride and save my energy in the process.

After all, I can get to the same place only a few seconds slower.