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Friday, January 28, 2011


When I attended a Cindy Lauper concert, I was flabbergasted by the number of couples engaging in public display of affection (PDA).
My amazement and dislike had nothing to do with their age, gender, nor any other variables, but simply that their open-mouth kissing with hands on each other’s buttocks to me seems to belong in private places. After all, that level of intimacy should be that, intimate. Regardless of their reasons, whether they were actively making a statement, while in a public place -a public concert - their display of affection interfered with the enjoyment of the music.

I feel the same when the PDA is not affection, but anger. As with the couples in the concert, anyone is free to feel any range of emotions and if those emotions put them at each other’s throat, all the better for them, but I should not have to be subject to witness it.

Both PDAs are attention seekers. While one says “I can be with whoever I want” the other says “I can treat this person however I want”. What it does, instead, is make people around them uncomfortable, nothing more.

While everyone has the right to do whatever they please, I also have the right to not be disturbed by their actions. While I attend a concert, I want to enjoy the show, not their show, and with the angry people, their dirty laundry should be washed at home, not in the public view.

PDA : Please Don’t Annoy me.