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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hurt For Hire
There is nothing new about Sicarios, the contracted killers or hired assassins. They have always existed. Crime for a fee is a skilled professional service with purely an economic interest. It’s a way of making a living.

In spite of the required skill and how good one can be in the business, no one dreams of growing up to be an assassin. It is not a goal to achieve. It happens, circumstances bring it to a head and it becomes a way of life.

It’s a way of life, but it’s a way of life that hurts others. Does it matter? Does it matter to them that others are being hurt? And if it does, when does it stop bothering them?

Does it hurt only the first time?
Do they cry the first time they kill? does a husband mean his apology after beating his wife and does he mean the second and the third one? When does a person stop caring they are hurting others?
When is the line crossed?

At some point, even if there are remorseful feelings, an action becomes normal after so many times and the person becomes callous. Desensitized.

It is hard for the rest of us to understand that people can hurt others and not feel any remorse. That hurting can at times even feel good.

I remember when I had to fire a person working for me; my boss coached me: “no one should enjoy this, in fact if anyone does, I’d have a problem with that.”

I have a problem with that. I have a problem with the enjoyment of hurtfulness, but at times it becomes a way of life. A wrong way of life.