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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Because I Can

It has been an annual practice in over a decade. I refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages during Lent.

It has been difficult a few times, I admit. Not always. This time it seems to be more difficult for those who know me than it is for me. Those who hear me joke, write, and proclaim my devotion to wine, have difficulty understanding that I, uncoerced and willingly, would give up my recreational beverage. Why, why choose wine?

Because I can.

My relationship with wine has become simpler and more enjoyable. I like wine, I enjoy wine. I don’t need wine.

Sometimes, I think, we confuse a habit with a need. It is customary of me to pour a glass of red wine while I cook or work on my laptop. But since I made it not an option for the next 47 days, I pour something else like tequila, vodka…kidding!!! I drink tea, or a diet coke or water and I cook and work on my laptop, all at the sometime on occasion. My “habit” is satisfied. I am drinking, only not wine.

Attachment to anything that we consider imprescindible is always unhealthy and normally follows destructive patterns. Conversely, liking, enjoying, desiring is optional, and we can walk away from it anytime without disrupting the status quo of our lives.

I believe that at times walls of false security are built with bricks of routine thus creating an attachment and breaking them down makes us vulnerable to the unknown. Inevitable, once that wall crumbles down what was considered indispensable is nothing but an unhealthy relationship.

I may only break the habit for 47 days and after going that long without a drink, the next question is, why go back?

Because I can.