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Saturday, March 05, 2011

There is a time a year when my time is completely taken by a project, this is that time.

During this time I get ready for a road race. A race that started very casually and now has become a staple in the running community and a symbol of fight for those afflicted by cancer.
Once in a while the overwhelming amount of work distracts me from the cause and the reason why I do this, why we do this. We do it for the patients who not only deal with a dreadful illness, but who financially have difficulty paying the basics.

That’s what the race does. That’s who it helps.

Because that is the nature of the “beast” some of the beneficiaries of the race have not made it to the following year. Still, the hope is that those who are fighting today will celebrate life tomorrow.

Regretfully, each year there are more people in need, some in need of an emergency assistance like a young girl we helped last week. Illness does not know economy. It does not slow down because the Dow or the Nasdaq have.

Regardless, the race continues to assist patients in a very small way. The assistance provided is a drop in a deep bucket of medical bill, but it is one less drop they will have to worry about.
While I get overwhelmed with the amount of work, I have to remember that this is a few months a year for me, it is a life time for them, the ones the race helps.

That seems to be a good reason for me to continue.