I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Monday, March 28, 2011


We dream 4 or 6 times per session of sleep. Most dreams are forgotten as soon as we wake up. Occasionally one stays in our recollection past the waking hours.

Some would argue that dreams are precognitive, they predict the future. Not arguing that point, of all the thousands of dreams we have, one might coincide with reality and that coincidence can make a dream appear as a premonition. Take for instance a good poker hand. The probability of being dealt a certain combination is very slim. But the odds of being dealt many other combinations are just as slim; however, it is one of the predetermined hands in the variant of poker being played that calls attention. Same with a dream, the dream that matches an event is the one that might mistakenly be considered precognitive.

Dreams may symbolize something or simply store information collected during the day. I have a friend with whom I have had similar dreams. We have dreamed on three occasions the same kind of dream, the same night. I don’t know what that means.

I recall one dream I had many years ago. When I woke up the words I had heard in my dream were intact “you have (blank) illness”. I felt the rush of fear through my body, but quickly went down the list of healthy relatives and my own health status and convinced myself logically that there was no incidence of that illness in my family, therefore, I did not stand a chance of being the first one. At work I shared my dream with a coworker. The superstitious friend was glad I had told the dream before noon; “It prevents it from coming true” A year later, I was told the words I had heard in my dream.

Last night I had a dream I remembered when I woke up. I was terminal. The doctor told me I would notice the end approaching in my breathing. My breathing was shallow already. A friend was giving me something to wear and I wondered if I’d have time to wear it. I hoped that I’d be giving enough morphine so that my pass would not be painful and I considered in my dream what I have thought about many times, what is it like to know time is running out? My time was running out in my dream.

Maybe the dream came after thinking about living on borrowed time. The loan of time can come to an end anytime for me, and it can come to an end anytime for others, but my odds might be higher than they are for others, or they may be the same for all. I don’t know.

I dream many dreams, I remember a few dreams. I forget most of them, I hope not to remember this one again. .Just like the deck of cards, the probability of it happening should be very slim.