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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are You Talking To Me?

When I first listened to the message “We would like to discuss something with you, please return my call ASAP”, my first instinct was “what did I do?” “What did they hear? Did I say something that offended someone?”
My surprise was even bigger.
“Your name has come up from three different people to nominate you as a board member representing the County, do you accept the nomination?”
Me? This is a board composed of high profile figures and high paid professionals.
Me? I am honored, I said and I’d hope I can contribute in some small way to the mission of the organization if elected, but…me?
That question went unanswered and unasked in my head. I put it out of my mind. I would never be voted in. There are a dozen prominent women in the county deserving of the nomination.
The recommendation letter written on my behalf was astonishing. Can anyone write something like that about me? I was touched and grateful and skeptic.
Almost a month later, an unknown number left a message. I was voted in. I am the new member, and only female representing my County. Me?
Aside from the honor of the nomination and the assignment of the post, I am more stunned by my own surprise to the opinion of others. Is it possible that others can think higher of us than what we think of ourselves? Humility or negative feedback that lowers our self esteem to the point that it is difficult to see ourselves worthy of merit?
On the other hand, a dose of humility is necessary in every human being to keep a balance in life. In a world that incites arrogance, greed and selfishness, a world that at time promotes stepping on others to achieve a goal, a small sense of “I’m not the only Pepsi in the desert” is good to have. It is accepting other’s worth and acknowledging that maybe others are just as good as or better than we are. That is not a bad trait.
Some kind of humility that has lingered somewhere in the depths of our psyche is not a bad thing to have. Either or, I’m still asking “are you talking to me?