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Friday, April 01, 2011

Attention Walmart Shoppers

I am a firm believer that we have to move along with the times, sort of speak. No longer do we make arrangements to meet a friend at the entrance of Macy’s at 4:45 by the shoe department and if I’m late wait for me on the bench outside. Now, we say “I’ll call you when I get there” and God forbid we leave our cell phone, all hell breaks loose because #1 there is not one blessed public phone in working condition and because nobody knows anybody’s phone number. I have a hard time remembering mine.

I haven’t written many checks lately, I pay most of my bills on line. And shopping…yes, I do some of that on line as well. Actually, my daughter does most of it.

A couple of years ago I had to increase the minutes on my phone plan because the kids were going over the limit, there seemed to be no limit. Now, the roll over minutes keep rolling because apparently talking is old fashion and the new fad is texting. Is email being replaced by facebook messages?

Speaking of Facebook, what a great thing to catch up with everybody in one breath, like walking into a big local store and running into people you know and saying hello and at times whether you want it or not getting the scoop on more than you want to know.

Facebook is like a Walmart Supercenter. Would a person in their right mind go on the PA system and broadcast “my sister is a bitch”; “my boss is a jerk”; “I love you so much so much so much so much” pleeeze!

Like a store, if you run into your good friend, why not step outside and enjoy some private conversation? If you love your significant other why not convince him or her and not the rest of the audience? And if you happen to be spotted by someone you don’t want on your “list”, why not look the other way, pick up some tomatoes and pretend you didn’t notice them. No need to hide under the stands and “block” their view unless of course, you are stealing something and you don’t want to get caught…

Is keeping up with times replacing the personal touch?

Moving along with times, keeping up with technology is fundamental, but it should not replace the fundamentals of life. Sensitivity and privacy among many others.

Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life ... (Anonymous?)