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Monday, April 18, 2011

Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon dating back to 1897. It is said to attract an estimated 500,000 spectators. Starting as a local event, its reputation and status attracts now runners from all over the world. It is the milestone of marathoners, a marathon all long distance runners want to run…well, most of them, anyway.
There are other marathons considered to be a “must do at least once”, New York City Marathon is one of them. But they differ in what I consider essential. To run NYCM, a runner must be selected by lottery or must have been rejected 3 times to enter on the 4th try. A one time when rejection is not as bitter.
Boston qualifies runners based on their times and a sense of “I’m better than you” comes to mind with that.
Running is relative; that is the beauty of it. My best times would be the worst for some of my fast friends, and by the same token they are good to others. But what’s more important than that is that the monster of a marathon is to some extent unpredictable, one never knows for sure what the outcome will be.
Qualifying for Boston is no more than circumstantial. It is, to some, running under that qualifying mark after much effort while others can quality anytime and every time. Same times as with any other marathon…Why the high status then?
Boston is the oldest marathon and one that most runners will want to run at least once, but it remains nothing more than a marathon; it does not make a runner better than what they are anywhere else.