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Thursday, April 21, 2011

For All The Wrong Reasons

I took a hiatus from my running club weekly runs a few years ago. My relationship with them became distant without really knowing why or when it happened. Whatever the reasons I can’t remember what they were.

I joined them again for reasons that were not the right ones. Sometime at the end of the year I started showing up for the runs. Whether they liked it or not, I was going to be there. In their face.

And I was. Faithfully every Thursday I drove straight from work to the runs. Extreme cold nights, single digit temperatures, pitch dark roads, bundled up to the point of not moving freely. Every night car after car parked, people got out, smiled, laughed, joked and ran.

The colder the night, the more people joined, it seemed. It looked as if there was no other place for us to be on a night like that, no other place to warm up faster than in the company of our running buddies. It didn’t take very long before I rushed out of work with a smile in my face to meet them.

Faster than our pace, relationships were strengthened, new friendships developed, and a sense of camaraderie embraced me. I was no longer driving to meet a bunch of people to run a few miles, I was looking forward to meeting my friends, my buddies and to enjoy the warmth of their company.

For all the wrong reasons that pushed me to be with them on a Thursday night, I have found a good reason to stay. I am glad and I am grateful for all the right reasons.