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Friday, April 15, 2011

Taking on the Challenge

I enjoy my paisana Doris' writing, and since she has entered the A - Z challenge I know I can count on one of her stories per day- Ahhhhh! how I love to read them! Well, I have hesitated entering the challenge, but the idea has been floating around in my head...Can I write daily? I normally do except that most pieces are not posted, but this would be writing on demand to meet a challenge.

I face challenges, I don't seek challenges. Will I enjoy this one?

It reminds me of the time when I trained for my first marathon. The idea of hours running in the company of a friend with whom I enjoyed long conversations was enticing. I loved running and I loved our conversations, what could be better than to combine the two? but the result was astounding; I hated it. The thought of having to run because I was supposed to, not because I wanted to exterminated my enthusiasm. I would run in silence trying to keep my friend at a distance after the first hour or so. I had enjoyed our impromptu runs and our spontaneous conversations, but the training runs were scheduled, demanded, expected.

This might be the same...Or it might be a welcome thrust to my writing. I am going to take the plunge, regardless. I am already thinking what I can possible write that starts with X other than a story about Xerox and Z I guess will be about a Zebra.

This is not official, I couldn't figure out how to enter the challenge...you see? I'm challenged.