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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Technology (is a ) Rock(s)

I support technology and try to keep up with it. I support the focus on efficiency that does away with the unnecessary. .. for the most part.

Unnecessary things that were part of our days once.

Like the guy who used to converse with me on my way back from college when I stopped to fill up and waited to collect payment.  I haven’t spoken to one gas attendant in a long time.

I don’t miss so much the corner store’s owner who used to add the price of the items on the brown bag with a pencil he kept behind his ear, but I do miss being able to do percentages and  simple math in my head and not pull my phone out to use its calculator.

An apology made from a paid phone, not an email.

Gone are the days when a happy birthday was wished with a phone call or hallmark or even a handmade card, and not an e-card or a text message. Yes, I only got a handful of them back then, not the hundred and some Facebook messages I get today.  Those are appreciated, yet different.

It’s all good.  Times change and technology simplifies and focuses on efficiency by getting things done with the least amount of time and effort.  
It’s all part of the changes and advancement; doing away with the unnecessary.

The girl who knew us at the corner store, the guy who pumped our gas, the attendant  who helped us choose a card even if not green.  The exercise of our brain adding, subtracting or even more. 

Unnecessary, yet cherished.  The voice of a friend on the other end talking to us, wishing us a good day or happy birthday, telling us of their day, their frustrations or their joys.

Not green nor necessary, but welcome and appreciated.