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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Hear Me, Doc?

I usually like the pictures taken at around mile 25. For whatever reason they come out really good. It must be that by then I am beyond exhaustion and beginning to hallucinate. The picture taken on my last marathon was different. It shows pain and yes, determination, that is exactly what I was feeling.

I signed up for the Sugarloaf marathon a week before race day. With my deficient geographical skills I was unaware that the ride was going to be hours and hours of highway, but I was lucky enough to find two friends who were willing to go with me.  Best of two worlds, share the driving, share the expense, and have someone to actually have a drink with after and, in my case, before the marathon.
The forecast kept progressively getting worse. We went from sun, to overcast, to some showers, to showers, to rain, to flood advisory.

As in any marathon, there are no guarantees, but I hoped I wouldn't have any issues. Guess, what? I had issues.

5 weeks earlier I had received my 4th pair of orthotics in 6 years. 
"Something doesn’t feel right this time, doc. “oh give it time” – "I have pain, doc". “give it time” "The ball of my foot feels on fire sometimes" “They fit nicely, give it time”.  "My shoe feels tight" “they’ll loosen up”
7 days before, on the emergency line I left a message “Extreme pain”. No answer.

And why did I run with the new orthotics anyway and not one of the old pairs? Beats me.

First 8 miles challenging and humid. Then, downhill then some ups then rain then….I don’t feel my toes.  By 14, I feel my toes, but I also feel pain.  By 20 at a medical table “I need drugs”  and of course the promised downhill in the last 6 miles didn't come.When the picture was taken at 22 I was certain there was a fracture in my foot.
I finished. Pain stopped.
Appointment first thing in the morning. Findings: No fracture.

“Maybe I should send your orthotics back to be redone…”

“Gee, Doc whatever gave you that idea?”