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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Juror

I would make a terrible juror. Let's be real; the term “Beyond reasonable doubt evidence"  is customized to what each person considers reasonable. I, for one, go with what my feeble mind can comprehend as "ever possible" no matter how bizarre.

I can see a person reaching a moment of overwhelming desperation where she drives herself and her kids off a marina and drown all. I can concede a moment of incredible madness when an unthinkable action is committed– a moment, a brief moment, not more.

A moment, a regrettable moment followed by regret, guilt, shame.

It’s all wrong, it should never be, but it happens. Unforgivable. Inexcusable. It happens. Whatever degree of instability allows it to happen it remains wrong, but to some degree understandable.

Regardless of the reason -assuming there is ever a reason to hurt others- I can not understand the infliction of harm with no remorse.

I can not understand a person who rejoices in the harm of others or carries on after knowing of their mishap. I could not party, sleep at night, get a tattoo and carry on happier than ever knowing my dog drowned (assuming I didn’t kill the dog) while carrying its decomposed body in my trunk with tape around its mouth.

I can not understand a mother living happily ever after days after her daughter dies.

I would make a terrible juror. I would not want to know reasons. I would convict her, if not for murder for living a happy life after her daughter’s life ended.

I can not understand the infliction of harm with no remorse, no matter the reason, if there is ever a reason. I would convict whoever causes harm and rejoices in it.