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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Under The Carpet

The term pick your battles can mean much more than the general concept of “don’t fight every little thing”; it can mean I don’t really give a rat’s ass to get into it anymore. I won’t even waste my breath replying.  It can also mean I don’t want to disrupt the status quo of our lives together so let’s push the dirt under our carpet and keep going.  All is well.
The outside observer wonders how they can stay together after putting up with so much. Others might think how wonderful they thrive in spite of their differences. 

Thrive…that’s a good word.

Tolerate, put up, bear, accept, endure, are a few others.
A relationship young or old that lost its meaning is not worth the energy to fight for it and much less for anything within.

An old relationship settles more for the status quo. The dirt under the carpet.  The “let’s pretend it is not killing us till we pay off the mortgage”, “till the kids are out of the house” , “till death do us part”.

So much easier to pick the battles.
Do you pick your battles A so no energy is wasted on the little stuff? 
Do you pick your battles B because you don’t give a flying rat’s tail about the war itself? 
Do you pick your battles C because it is impossible to disrupt the familiarity you are so used to?

A, smart choice.
B, you don’t care so who cares.
C, at some point the carpet cannot hide more dirt while still looking good to do its part.

Sometimes you just gotta go with wood floors.