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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Jersey Boys

Winner of six Tony Awards, Jersey Boys is an acclaimed musical likely to please everyone. Music from the 60s that has transcended generations, it is suit for most ages.

The musical features the story of the band Frank Valli and the Four Seasons. Humor and music beautifully intertwined together. In between the play offers a glimpse at the personal facets of the members. Tony, a low life with a talent for music and easy money; Nick Massi, an uptight bass singer and guitarist.  Bob Gaudio, singer and songwriter and Frank Valli, lead singer with a powerful falsetto voice.
Important as the music is the personal lives of the members. Tommy, a man who risks the stability of the group in pursuit of his selfish entertainment and depicts no respect for the three men with whom he spends most of his time; Frank who plays the role of the victim, slaving away to give his family everything they need, but his time. He eventually loses his wife and daughter and keeps his career.
And then there is Nick. The obscured complainer, always unhappy, talented singer who swears he can start his own group, he can do it better. Of much interest is a minor part in the play when Nick shockingly announces he is quitting the group in the middle of a tour.  No reason, he simply wants to leave. That part takes importance in the epilogue when Nick states that his departure from the group followed a statement he did not intend to make, but once out, he felt he had to carry it out.
Jersey Boys is a humorous glimpse into what happens to four men on the road and what happens behind the scenes that ultimately destroys groups.
What goes on behind the scenes is most of the time more interesting than the story unraveling in front of the audience.
Jersey Boys is a good example of what its missed behind the curtain.