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Sunday, August 07, 2011

When something is lost by accident or force, there is an urge to replace it. Not totally a bad idea. A lost job must be replaced – good luck finding one in this economy, and in our electronic life, a computer gone bad is replaced almost immediately with a better newly improved one. Material things are easily replaced with a better quality one, and the old one is a thing of the past.

Such is not the case with emotional losses. Although the urge to replace them with a better more efficient item is of a more urgent nature, the choices are not necessarily always better or carefully made.

The urge is to calm the emptiness, fill the void. Satisfy the yearning.

The truth is, it cannot be done. Distractions are just that, distractions and they can become whatever it’s made of them.

That yearning only quiets down when the mourning is gone. When there are no more tears to cry, for as long as there are tears, they will be cried when the replacement looks away.

There is no way to replace a laughter, the sound of a voice, the look in one’s eyes, or the warmth of a smile. A way of holding a hand, of saying I love you, of saying I’ve missed you. It cannot be replaced.
As deep as the desire to replace an emotional loss is, it is not as simple as going into Best Buy and selecting a new appliance. Finding a way to mitigate a loss is perhaps done in other ways, but not by choosing a new item off the shelf.

What has been lost can be found again, brand new, separate and independent and it is found when the demand for replacement is no longer a need.