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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Step Back

Does taking a step back always help in moving forward?
Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t? That’s a noncommittal answer, if you ever saw one.
In running terms, rest is as important as exercise. Taking a step back, for the most part, makes the come back stronger by allowing injuries to heal and muscles to recover.  It is a conscious decision made for the betterment of the activity. It has a time limit when recovery is expected.
That is not the case in personal matters.  Feelings and relationships are not easily calculated if at all.
I have found that taking a step back in a relationship is beneficial when the cessation of it has not been a deliberate decision.  Its interruption happened because it happened and there is no set time to return. It is deemed over.
Returning from such presumed demise is unexpected and uncalculated, fresh and appreciated now that it is stripped off of the burdens that brought it down in the first place. It is free of blame because in the absence of a conscious decision there is no resentment.  
In such returns the relationships rekindle at times with stronger, cleaner, and more honest intensity. Just like coming back from a step back after an injury can make a runner better, a refreshed relationship can reach higher levels.

It is not so much taking a step back that assures a runner a stronger return; it is not a step back that makes a relationship better; it is returning with an appreciation for the healing that took place during the pause and allowing it to get stronger.

It is enjoying it now as if it were the first time.