I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Words That Move
Songwriting fascinates me; the way lyrics can move a person, evoke a feeling, bring a tear to one’s eyes expressing what in no other way can be expressed is captivating to me. Like ballet dancing, I admire from a distance its figure, skill, grace. I’m too clumsy to attempt dancing plus I’m totally the most uncoordinated person ever, and in songwriting I lack the talent plus I’m tune deaf, it would never work. Nonetheless, I appreciate it and enjoy it.  
I like to hear what inspires a creative person. I wonder how a columnist can come up with an interesting topic every day or how a poet can write an interesting poem daily like Marc, the Walking Man and each time a different topic. 
In my entry level writing, sometimes an idea runs circles in my head, but even if brilliant, once I put it in writing it does not hold its wonder.  Others come easily. At times, it can be a passing thought that shapes into an essay. It may be a song that makes me wonder how it would feel to… or if… Sometimes what I write relates to me, sometimes it is an experience someone else had, sometimes there is no reason for it, it is simply writing.
In an interview, Stevie Nicks expressed where she gets her inspiration. It comes from anywhere and suddenly it becomes a poem and later a song.  Some of her poems don’t leave her house.  
Writing is a free expression and why a certain topic is written should not be questioned; as such some of my writing is not always in a post.
Does all your writing leave the house and make it to a post or a column? What inspires you? How much of what you write is you? Do you print or publish everything you create?  
I wonder what inspires all of the people I read.  The life though reflections of Zuzana and her sunsets, the meanderings of Susan that always make you stop and ask yourself a question and the wonderful use of the English language by those two women; the life as an open book of Deb; the survival and triumph of Sarah; the sensual poems of Dulce; the entertaining stories of Doris which have now made it into a book; the hope of Mahen; the cultural adventures of Sage; the interesting and at times controversial Snow; the diverse topics of Chris and her genuine writing that also made it to a wonderful book ; and many others. 
Some of the essays and posts I read move me just like a song does. I wonder what inspires that thought that makes its way to the keyboard and then to us and sometimes bring a tear to our eyes.