I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Monday, October 31, 2011

That Naive

One of the biggest disagreements I’ve had with people is my naïveness.

Working in large companies where rumors were the dessert of the day, I remained faithful to friends and acquaintances and truly, in my heart, believing what I was told. “ She/He says that is not happening, so it is not.”

Most times I was wrong. That did not deter my conviction.

Sometimes I was right. That reinforced my faith.

I grew up with a person who distrust everyone. There was never a clean action. There was always a motive to every action. Nothing could ever be taken at face value because there was always something hidden. “Think bad and you’ll be right” kind of philosophy.

Well, guess what? I believe otherwise.

I believe in people. I take things at face value, I believe in what “you” tell me because I don’t see a reason for you to lie to me. Wait a minute, stop laughing and compose yourself. I want to give you what I want to have. I want trust, so I trust you.

I keep your secrets because if you trust me to share them with me your secrets are in a vault and if I ever share my secrets with you, I would want the same.

And that’s as far as our agreement goes. I trust you, but if you don’t trust me that is your choice and I will respect it.

I am okay with that choice. I am okay with being that naïve. I am okay with finding myself wrong most of the time.

What I am most Okay with is being honest, being true to “you”, believing in you, in whatever you tell me and most than anything, I am really okay with knowing that no matter what comes or goes, I will always have your back.

Because I’ll believe in you. I am that naïve.