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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remembering The Unrelated

The puppy jumped on my lap while I typed.  His cute face snuggled against my body. I held his face in my hands and pulled his ears back. I pressed his nose, squeezed his face and made his paws danced.  While the agreeable ball of fur sat on my lap I remembered my Porkchop. I had done the same to him; pulled his ears, played with his paws, squeeze his little face, squeeze his little body against mine. Porkchop had given me some happiness…my little guy is doing that now.

I had not thought about Porkchop in a while, not on a daily basis like I used to. Honestly, I have not missed him in a long time. His memory has been overshadowed by the new ball of fur that came into my house a year ago not to replace him, just to be an addition. The addition has become a part of my routine, a part of my day. Little by little, his presence has faded the strength of Porkchop’s absence and filled its void. Yet, today, his mere presence reminded me of Porkchop.
New and exciting additions sometimes bring back memories of old times, old feelings. Even when the present may seemingly be better than the past, the memory goes back and remembers and…misses.
It is okay to remember sometimes when we can remember happy memories, when the reminiscences allowed in that brief period don’t bring us down with sad feelings. Sometimes, like with my Porkchop, there is nothing bad to remember so his memory is welcome even if not frequent anymore.  If there was, the memory would not be a happy one to host, yet it would pop up every so often as memories tend to do.
Luckily, Porkchop is a welcome memory even if a new puppy takes my present attention.  I remember him less frequently, but always just as warmly.