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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without It

Some commercials are memorable even for a person who hardly watches TV.

One of them was the American Express commercial where a couple loses their money and suitcases while traveling to Italy, but” hey! No problem, ‘we have American Express”

Nothing against American Express. I, for one, have been a valuable member since 1990. I am valued and they appreciate my business. I get the choice to buy a battery operated clock for 2.99 at year end. They also send me a nice planner for free, free unless I forget to cancel the instantaneous member ship accepting the gift carries which will cost me another $79.95. And when I am late, they forget how valuable I am or on those occasions when I have been late on other cards, AE has closed my card to prevent me from over expending; they are so thoughtful.

I digress.

Back on track, I loved that commercial. You see the couple distressed over the loss of their luggage and money, then one of them, the smarter one… would that be the husband? Calls from a paid phone (a miracle in itself to find a working paid phone) and all is well; American Express furnishes them with travelers checks and the couple is shopping in all the expensive boutiques, dining at expensive restaurants and dancing on cruises . The commercial fails to mention American Expres,s no matter how convenient, must be paid at month end. Nice.

Simple simple math; what you spend must be covered at month end.

I would not be dining in the expensive restaurants, buying a new wardrobe or dancing on a cruise knowing all of it will be in one lump sum served to me at month end, unless I had tons of money in which case this post makes no sense.

Most commercials are deceiving as is TV. They want you to believe reality is more of a dream; buy this and look like this or in the AE commercial, be merry until you pay. Their only objective is to make you remember their product. Well, American Express got that point across; years later I still remember that commercial and the fact that I have to pay for the convenience at the end of the month.