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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Giving and Getting
Gifts should be given without expecting anything in return.  Nothing to get back.
Do it for the pleasure of giving…Ahhh! So there is something in return!
Even the most philanthropic gifts give pleasure as pay back; the pleasure of knowing something good was done, someone was helped.  Nothing to get in return…only some kind of satisfaction.

Some kind of acknowledgment that it was appreciated.

I will challenge anyone who says they give without wanting that recognition or at least that acknowledgment. I’d challenge anyone who would feel good after their gift was ignored or put down.

I sent a box of snacks to my kid in college. Nothing major, boxes of power bars, breakfast bars, dried fruit, cereal, gum sticks. 
Stuff to snack on after her cross country practice.
Today I received her message. “I love it, all of it”
That acknowledgment was enough. No need to say more, just that makes me feel good, gives me pleasure.
It makes me feel like I did something good for someone I love. It makes me feel appreciated.
When giving is bettlitle or ignored or had I gotten a  ”That food really sucked, Mama. You know I don’t like any of it” I don’t think I would have felt so good even if my intentions were to give with no expectations...so there are expectations.
I give and I’d do it even if I never get anything in return,  but it sure feels good to be acknowledged and appreciated.
It makes me feel good.
Nothing to get back,  but much more back than what I gave.