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Monday, December 12, 2011

I Like Panthers

"Prefiero Almas altivas y altaneras y no rastreras y serviles Se puede perdonar a la pantera pero nunca jamas un reptiles".


I prefer arrogant and haughty souls and not petty and servile. One can forgive the Panther but never never the reptile.

Going through a very old box of documents, I found a napkin scribbled with this phrase. It dates back from my college years back in the 80s. Hard to believe it survived all my cleaning frenzies and more amazing is the fact that I have no changed my way of thinking in that regard in 30 years.

It is all about loyalty. That has not changed for me. It should never change.

I agree with the phrase; I can take the nasty bitch and not the sugarly sweet back stabber.

I'd rather accept the nastiness of a passionate moment, and not the back stabbing of a premeditated act.

The deliberate and intentional wrong doing disguised in phony shades is much more difficult to digest than the right out cruel person.

If I had to choose, I’d like it right in my face and not in my back. The backstabber is a lot crueler.

I can, as many people would, understand the irrational moment when words and actions are uncontrollable rather than the conscious sitting down to destroy page by page something or someone.

That’s the difference between the panther and the snake.

I never cared for snakes.