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Thursday, December 08, 2011

I'm Confused.
When Sean Penn was punching paparazzi for following him and girlfriend Madonna, an anchorman said, “if he dislikes publicity so much why date the most famous woman in the nation?”

Tough sh*t. It’s part of the game; whoever chooses a public life, must deal with the public.

Dealing with the public is not easy in any capacity. The receptionist, the bank teller, the cashier, the waitress, they all have very difficult jobs.

My voluntary job is somewhat public. “Somewhat” because it is not full time-this is all I do- job, but while I deal with the race, I deal with the public.

“Myriam, get a facebook page so you keep us informed”

"Myriam, too many posts".

"I love your updates"

"Myriam, too many emails".

"I like all the new initiatives".

“Myriam, too many things.

Ok, then…

We can never please everyone, but one thing we can never do is take what the public say personally. After all, we are in it by choice and whoever chooses to be in the eye of the public, must deal with the public.

Tough sh*t.