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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hell of a run
OK, so I felt behind on my A to Z. I’ve done the worst thing you can do when pursuing a goal, justify my goof by telling myself I am not “officially” signed up, therefore it would be okay to miss days.

Anyway, back at the challenge.

I had a hell of a run  today. I ran 20 miles. Yes, before you get all complimentary let me tell you that even though it remains a long distance, it is achievable and really not a big deal to anyone who trains for a marathon, and that is me. There is no creativity nor talent required, it is not like someone writing beautiful poems a day like Marc does; it is plain endurance, training and yes, discipline.
I started late, a bad thing for a runner on a humid day.  I had to run alone which requires more mental play to avoid the chatting of my mind and I did not plant enough water.
I was miserable, walking more than I needed, succumbing to the chatting of my mind more often than necessary, but I did it.

The chatting told me that it would be okay to do less, I already did other long runs, I can maybe run it next week, I can…and maybe I could….and then…I entertained the thoughts and then kept running.
Sometimes that’s all that can be done. Sometimes it’s difficult to hide from the incessant negativity around and ignoring it does not seem to readily happen. So entertain and dismiss.
I dismissed it today.
20 miles in the books.

Wished I had ignored the chatting when pursuing the A to Z challenge. *sigh