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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A prison with no bars theory suggests that prisoners will not escape a no cell prison when they know they are being watched and are unable to see who is watching them.

The theory makes sense.  Knowing the enemy is the first step in fighting a war. In the traditional prison, the prisoner knows who watches him.
Having an object to watch out for allows for manipulation of that object; when the guard walks by, when the guard looks the other way, when the lights are pointing in one direction and when there is a fraction of a second when no one is watching.  In a no cell prison, the inmates know they are being watched constantly, but they are unable to see the guards and as such they are unable to find a hole in the vigilance which would allow them to have some control over their situation.

Fear increases when we are unable to see the opponent. Fighting an enemy in the dark not knowing when or where the punches or bullets will come psychologically weakens the person.

It is an interesting theory that plays with the mind by totally removing control from the subject. And that, losing all control is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.