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Monday, July 23, 2012

Unknown Status

I have noticed that unless there is a well known person involved, whatever the subject, it’s not taken seriously.  I have gotten around that by having meetings within meetings.  I invite a friend of high status to have a meeting with someone else so I can be taken seriously by another person. Sad, isn’t it?   

But true. 

It is not who you are but who you know, literally. Yes, we can argue that is not the case, but let’s face it, more value is given to anyone with a last name attached to some political status than to a person no one ever heard of.  

I used to think it was my age. People would not pay attention to me when I was younger, so I would give my idea to somebody else and bang! Success! Now that I am the same age or older than those I am talking to, I assume the only thing preventing them from taking me seriously is that my last name has not been collecting a paycheck for public service. I hope it’s not the accent, then again your guess is as good as mine.  

What this is teaching me is that it is not how important what is said is, what matter is how important the person who said it is.