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Monday, July 30, 2012

Wine and Kids that Whine

My eyes were fixed on the 11 year old crying at the table.  I had stopped at the Bashakill winery when my friends asked me to join them at the end of my 16 mile training run. I was tired. 

The Bashakill Winery is a unique place with organic wine grown in the premises and live music on weekends. People with their picnic basket come to enjoy the wine and ambience. Mostly, groups of friends, adult families, and occasionally a woman with two pre-teen kids.  

I saw the woman warning her kid to be quiet while she hugged and greeted other people before escorting the girl out. A few minutes later, the kid walked in holding her head and crying while the mother continued hugging and kissing people.  The sister sat quietly and smiled.  

I stared at the scene hoping the woman would notice the disgust in my eyes.  What gave her the idea that this winery was the kind of environment her daughter wanted to spend her Sunday in?  Obviously, the woman had her own agenda and no 11 year old was going to stand in the way.

People walking in commented on the woman yelling at a girl outside the building. I don’t think that woman understands the scars that are caused when a kid is embarrassed in public.  

What’s good parenting?  Force kids into a place they don’t belong so character and obedience is built or respect and understanding for their feelings?