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Monday, August 27, 2012

Limits and Limitations

There are limits and limitations important in any relationship whether strong and long term or light and casual.  

Limits are things a person cannot stand another doing to them. I am not referring to pet peeves, I am talking about crossing that line, pushing a person over the limit. That limit is personal; it’s your own fine line. No one has to agree with it, it may be irrational to others to end a relationship because that limit was crossed, no one has to understand it they simply have to respect it. It is not a secret pulled out of a hat, the person in the relationship is well aware of that line they cannot cross.  

Limitations are those things a person will not do in a relationship.  It may be something you choose not to do out of respect for the other person, or it may be out of respect for yourself. I would never have an intimate relationship with a friend’s significant other, never! That is a limitation for me. I will never go that far.  

Your limitation might be the other person’s limit. Your limit is that person’s limitation.  

I know my limitations when I enter a relationship, I accept the other person’s limits and put my limit right in the open and on the table so there is no mistake.   

I have ended important and trivial relationships because my limit was not respected and I have had no regrets in doing it. The only regret would be to allow someone to disregard what’s important to me and disrespect me in the process. I would be disrespecting myself by condoling it.  

The strangest combinations of people can come together in a relationship: social status, education, creed, hobbies, it all enhances and beautifies.  All of it is possible only when we respect a person’s limit and when we are aware of our limitations.