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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Continuing the trend on electronic social media, I’m revisiting Facebook on this post. 

The benefits of the social network are unequivocally numerous. Group advertising; personal validation such as getting a zillion Happy Birthday wishes that would otherwise drop to single digits; getting to know what some of your friends are doing from the moment they wake up, their coffee breaks, their shopping, what they are having for lunch, dinner, what they are wearing and even giving them advise on what dress to wear along with the matching shoes when they post that question, is something I’d only get to do in a small office except that in a small office I am forced to listen, in FB I scroll down and ignore.  

We also get to see the use of some words hardly used in 4D life; “my amazing husband, my amazing family, my amazing friends, my amazing life!” The word amazing makes me think of a mouse running in A MAZE, the mouse is A-MAZ-ing and who can forget the LOLs and the “just sayin’” which I still don’t get. 

I single out “amazing” because I believe that feelings are to be shown not stated; “show it don’t post it”. Through the use of that adjective our Facebook friends make us see what otherwise we would miss because it might not be tangible or…real?  

There have been times when I have been a confidant to someone’s feelings only to see days later the “amazing” tales they like to tell. I bite my….fingers and don’t write a comment. They know the truth they so eagerly try to disguise with their happy posts and some remember that I also know because they told me. 

There is no way to stop the advancement of technology and many of us would not want to. It would be like swimming upstream and, in my opinion, the benefits gained from it outweigh my bitching on this post. Facebook is part of that social network technology has granted us. It is to be enjoyed and used as each deems necessary (and I’ll bitch when I deem necessary)

Nothing wrong with openly sharing with the world our happiness, by all means share it when it’s an honest happiness not the fa├žade that covers what lies beneath. The entire universe can be deceived, but the one person who really knows the truth cannot, YOU.